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Rainbow Moving will take all the hassle out of auto transportation.

We can help ship your car to safely, affordably, efficiently, and quickly.

Here at Rainbow Moving, we pride ourselves on making our customers happy and their lives less stressful. Shipping a car from one state to the other can be an exhausting and costly process if you do not have the people with the right expertise assisting you. We are the people with the right expertise, and with our impressive array of options, you can be sure that we will get your car to where you need it delivered and at the time you want it delivered.

With our state of the art transportation services, you can leave everything to us and you can rest assured that everything will go according to plan.

Types of Auto Moving Services

Currently, we offer two types of auto moving services. These are:

Terminal to Terminal Auto Transport

We offer this package in order to give our clientele more flexibility when it comes to auto moving. Local shipping terminals will give you more room when it comes to storage and drop-off choices. When discussing the move with one of our auto moving experts, let him or her know that you would like this option. The representative will then give your further details regarding the package, as well as let you know the different options available to you depending on your location.

Door to Door Auto Moving

Rainbow Moving also offers door to door auto shipping services to our clients. With this option, one of our highly experienced drivers will pick up the vehicle from its original location, and drop it off at your home or office, wherever you decide is more convenient for you.

Please note that our car moving trucks can be over 75 feet long. Hence, this option will not be viable if oversize trucks are banned in your location, or if there is limited available space for the truck to turn around. Tight corners, narrow streets, and speed bumps will make this option less ideal for you. You might have to consult with our representatives for an alternative delivery plan such as the terminal to terminal delivery.

Call us now for a free estimate on our auto moving service, and have the right company transporting your car!

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